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Quit Good Nico

Quit Good Nico
Cut cigarette packets with Nico's claw, and help him in his fight against smoking! Enjoy this addictive shoot&cut game. GAME MODES:
Arcade: a high score is achieved by cutting packages, avoiding nicotine cloud and acquiring new lives. For each level successfully completed you will receive messages of encouragement to help you quit smoking.

Time Attack: Your highest score is achieved by cutting packages and fighting against time. Get more time cutting watches.

Quit Good Nico, is the online promotional game of Good Nico helps you quit. Good Nico helps you quit is a mobile game that helps you quit smoking.

Click LEFT mouse button. Cut all packages!

Packages. Shoot or cut!
Cloud nicotine. Do not touch it!
Bird. Birdball gives lives.
Balloon. Blowy helps you to remove all packets that appear on the screen.
Watch. Get more seconds in Time Attack mode.

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