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Cactus Attack

Cactus Attack
Save the world from an invasion of deadly (and spiky) cacti! You will need your best aim, using your mouse to shoot them down as they fall from the sky. And if you're too slow, the cacti will start to land, and before you know it they'll be at the top of the screen and it'll be game over! However - there are items to help you, including diamonds and explosive barrels. And if the cacti are close to each other when you shoot... you may set off a chain reaction! Infact, if you destroy 100 cacti, all the ones that have landed will be destroyed. Sounds too easy? Think again. As the game progresses, they will fall faster and faster, and the time for completing each level will be increased. See how long you can survive... Simply use your mouse to click on the cacti as they are falling to destroy them. Click on the diamonds to collect them. If you collect 10, you can press enter on the keyboard and active a burst of anti-gravity. And click on the barrels to start a large explosion. Remember - you can't click on the cacti after they have landed - it will have no effect!

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